One Person’s Trash…

Just a quick story to keep everyone entertained…

There was a couple who just became empty-nesters. They were downsizing their home and had a lot of junk they had to remove. They called someone who has done some great work for our family and business in the past. Her company name is Elvina Can-tu’s Dump Truck Hauling Service, LLC. (her site can be found here).

Anyway, since it was Spring Break, and I had some free time, I agreed to help with the job. Low and behold, the wife of the couple was very involved with acting and plays and had a treasure trove of old costumes and stage props that we could have. Of course anything that can be donated gets donated, but half of the stuff they wanted to get rid of was getting a new family with us!

It has always been so challenging to find things for performances without buying new. Now, we will have a very good assortment of costumes and props to use for our performances. You can certainly imagine how much fun Halloween is going to be this year as well!

So the old saying is true: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We certainly found a treasure trove of items that we can not only use for our own, but we can pass it down to the next generation of aspiring actors when the time comes.

So I guess it is like finding $5 in a pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a while, but it’s more like finding $100!