Hi Again!

Have you guys ever had such great service that you didn’t mind paying a little more than usual? Well, I have to share my experience with a great auto mechanic in Colorado Springs. It was the day before we were scheduled to leave on an international trip, and our car broke down. We found Josh and he helped us tremendously. Not only he took our car on the spot to start doing diagnostics, he even loaned us his car because he knew we were leaving the country the next day. What a great guy! If you ever need help with your car or truck, visit Colorado Springs Car Repair here.

We were on our way to Vancouver, British Columbia to audition for some parts. I remember how excited I was because not only did we overcome the challenge of our car breaking down, I was going out of the country to have an opportunity to do some acting! Although I knew there was a very small chance that I was going to get the job, I was following my dream with my parents support.

Not only is my family a tremendously supportive of my acting career, my teachers at school are as well. They all know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I should take advantage of it while I still was young and relatively care free. Of course they gave me homework that I had to do while away, but I didn’t mind because I think deep down, if I became a successful actor, they could say “Thea was in my elementary school class!” Unfortunately, I didn’t get the part, but I learned so much about the industry and the experience was invaluable. This only made me stronger and more confident for the next opportunity.