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Theodore Da Baer

Theodore Da Baer, an adventure into the world of magic and wizardry, follows the misadventures of a German boy as he follows his dream to become a wizard. Just as his dream comes true, the king decides that wizards are evil and must be put to death. To save white magic the great wizard Viz turns Theodore into something that no one can fear “The worlds first teddy baer”. Not just any Teddy Baer but a magical Teddy Baer. A Teddy Baer with all of the powers of a wizard. He gave him a magical crystal ball and a special book of magic.  He told him that in the future a great wizard was going to be born and it is Theodore’s destiny to train that wizard in the ways of white magic. This wizard and this wizard alone would hold the power to return Theodore to his human form. However, if by her eighteenth birthday she did not discover the secret, Theodore would remain a Teddy Baer for ever.

Ronnie, an evil wizard, is sent into the future to keep Theodore from fulfilling his destiny. Theodore lives through many great adventures while awaiting the birth ofthe new wizard.

Finally in 1993, the wizard is born in New Orleans,Louisiana.  Theodore and Taylor live through many great adventures until that day when good and evil meet.  Will white magic survive? Will Theodore return to his human form?  Only the book knows the answers and it is waiting to share its’ secrets with you.

18 Stories   113 Pages .


The enchantment continues in this second in the series of Theodore and Taylor’s adventures.Join them as they begin to train the apprentice wizards and face many battles with the evil wizards who are trying to keep them from fulfilling their destiny. Learn how to capture a leprechaun and find out how they earn the moneythey hide. Meet the Tooth Fairy and learn her secrets of how she knows whom tovisit and how she earns the money she leaves. The trolls, fairies and alterers too are all waiting to share their adventures with you. So, let’s not delay not one minute more.  It is time to enter the magical door.


15 Stories   207 Pages.


The excitement continues in this third book in the series of Theodore and Taylor’s adventures.What great adventures await our wizards? Join Taylor and Theodore as they do battle with the evil wizards, fairies and witches that are trying to keep Theodore and Taylor from fulfilling their destinies. Learn why dogs chase cats and why canaries are yellow. Follow Theodore and the other wizards as they learn many ancient secrets and discover new worlds. The time is passing quickly bringing our wizards closer and closer to their destiny. Join them now and you will see in these adventures is where you should be.

12 Stories 188 Pages .


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A Cajun Crawfish Tale is a delightful story about two simple crawfishermen and their unusual adventures with a magical crawfish. Come and join Boudreaux and Badeaux as they do a battle of wits with a magical crawfish and are taught a very valuable lesson.

Full colored illustrations.

Cycle of Life

Cycle of Life is a beautiful story about the friendship and love between Cal, the caterpillar and Ernest a bird. Share in this delightful story as this unlikely pair become friends. Laugh with them as they share in fun adventures. Cry with Earnest as he loses his best friend and searches for the answers to life.This book is a must read for anyone who has lost someone they love and is searching for answers.

Full colored illustrations.

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Autographed books are available in the Fort Myers, FL area.  For further information call:  (225) 975-0911.

Storyteller/author AJ Rodriguez is available to share her stories at your festivals, fairs, schools and bookstores, etc..  For open dates and rates please contact AJ at (225) 975-0911 or email AJ at slopoke @ rtconline.com (no blank spaces in email address)  


Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Wishes to you and yours.  May your lives be filled with Teddy Baer Hugs and Magical Moments.

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